Eva Marie Sell
Slideshow eulogizing Eva's life.
Click on the image below to start a 15 minute slide show with some of Eva's favorite music.
It may require a plug-in download.
Once the plugin is loaded the show should load (if it does not load -close your web browser
(not your computer) and restart the browser).
 In order to fit 300 pictures into the 15
minute window each slide is only displayed for about 2 seconds.  It does not sound like a
lot but it works and is manageable.
With that said, you can
hit Pause:  the bottom left bottom toggles between Play and Pause.
Once Paused you can use the Forward and Reverse buttons to move at your own pace

--the music will not play in this mode.
Right Click anywhere in the show and choose  FULL SCREEN to view using your whole
screen.  Right click again and click on Full Screen to shrink it again.  
Have Fun!
Mom's Urn beautifully decorated by Ingrid who clearly inherited her
mother's and grandmother's artistic talent!  The runner that the urn is
sitting on was embroidered by mom's grandmother.